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Publication Date: 2012-12-11

Media Type: DVD

Starring: Fabienne Babe, Gerulf Pannach

Directors: Ken Loach

Publishers / Manufacturers: Raro Video

Formats: PAL, Widescreen, Colour

Video Trailer


Costretto ad oltrepassare il muro di Berlino a causa del contenuto politico delle sue canzoni, Klaus Drittemann spera di poter continuare a suonare ma anche di ritrovare suo padre, che aveva lasciato Berlino Est trenta anni prima. L'incontro con una giovane giornalista francese sembra metterlo sulla buona strada. Ma la scoperta che lo attende รจ inaspettata e sconvolgente.


Stalinism is not Socialism. Capitalism is not Freedom.

Rated Rated 4 out of 5 by Citizen C on 26 July 2016

Fatherland is something of a forgotten, overlooked film in Ken Loach's body of work. Made in the 1980s, a decade which saw Loach at his least prolific and most openly disillusioned with the feature film making process, this marked an intriguing change of pace for the director; working from a script by acclaimed left-wing playwright Trevor Griffiths, it saw Loach move away from his familiar social realist depictions of the issues based within the UK to focus instead on the issues inherent within 1980s Germany and specifically Berlin, then still divided by The Wall.

German singer-songwriter Gerulf Pannach stars as an East German protest singer Klaus Drittemann who is, at the start of the film, facing expulsion from the GDR because of the openly critical views he expresses through his work. As the politicians, reporters and record company executives in the West eagerly await his arrival, they openly wonder if such a move is hereditary, given that his estranged father was also...

Four Stars

Rated Rated 4 out of 5 by trechia on 21 Jan. 2016

Not as good as the book

One Star

Rated Rated 1 out of 5 by michael starkey on 31 Jan. 2016

It was not what I was looking for, and was given to a charity shop

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