Rolson Tools 61760 Nine LED Torch Set

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Super Bright 9 Led Torch Knurled For Extra Grip Rubber ON/OFF Push Button Complete With Wrist Strap Dimensions (HWD): 165x215x70mm


Good price and light/brightness, but cannot find AAA batteries that will fit.

Rated Rated 1 out of 5 by Christian Backlund on 1 Mar. 2015

I got these on a lightning deal and thought that even for the price if they were so-so I'd still have caught a bargain.

However I was initially very impressed with these. I expected flimsy units but they are quite solid. Later on I found a fatal flaw that has made me far less impressed (see more below).

I saw some comments saying the light didn't reach very far, and it's true it doesn't, but it depends on what you're after. This is fine for seeing where you are walking, easily reaches 5 metres (probably more) and I never felt it was inadequate.

That said, I'm updating this review after the batteries have run out, as none of the AAA batteries I have (I've tried multiple brands) will fit in the unit. The batteries supplied with the set are slightly slimmer than standard AAA batteries so the ones I have prevent the battery cage from sliding back into the unit. This is a ridiculous oversight as there's no need for it to be so tight and incompatible with...

Great little torches

Rated Rated 5 out of 5 by L on 12 Feb. 2017

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:40 Mins

Actually really impressed with these little torches. Seem solidly built and provide a surprisingly strong light considering their size and price. Very worth while if you are someone like me who fears blackouts, I pop them around the house so I can grab one easily in any emergency. They are also really lightweight so can pop one in your handbag or whatever. Really easy to operate with a large push button on the end. Excellent value for money.

Video shows how to change the batteries - I don't know why other people are having issues. After this video I easily changed them back, I'm not having any problem changing the batteries.

Very bright, definitely worth the price

Rated Rated 5 out of 5 by Mapster on 17 Mar. 2017

I ordered 3 of these and was blown away by the brightness of these torches. The button at the top has a rubber coating which gives it a nice feel and doesnt require much pressure to turn on. The torch is very small so perfect for carrying round in your bag. Very handy for keeping around the house ready for when the power goes out or if you need that extra bit of light when doing any diy projects. Great value for money.

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